Course Covenant

As AP students, there are certain standards that must be met to ensure your success in the course.  These standards apply to both student and teacher.  These are outlined below.
Students will:
  • Attend and participate in class regularly, bringing all required supplies each class period
  • Put forth their best efforts in all work done
  • Attend study sessions whenever course content is unclear or presents continued difficulty
  • Monitor their own progress using Skyward Student Access
  • Dress appropriately for laboratory work, including closed-toe shoes
  • Remember that the biology classroom is a working laboratory, and that everyone's safety is important
  • Complete work according to posted deadlines
  • Respect everyone's right to learn and participate
  • Respect the instructor's right to teach
  • Treat one another with kindness and respect.
I will:
  • Design lessons that help you to learn course content in multiple ways
  • Provide you with objective, constructive feedback on work you do
  • Hold individual conferences regarding your grades at the midpoint and end of each grading period
  • Update your grades on a weekly basis
  • Encourage you to learn about biology outside of class, not just within a laboratory context
  • Treat you with kindness and respect
  • Provide you with multiple opportunities for study sessions with me
  • Model good laboratory behavior and technique
  • Create a classroom environment that enables you to question, analyze information and think critically