Required Materials

You will be issued Hillis, Sadava, Heller and Price's Principles of Life (2012).  This book will be supplemented with online lectures which you will be asked to view outside of class time.  This practice will allow you to view lessons multiple times and craft clarifying questions you have about concepts you do not understand. 

This will also allow me to answer those clarifying questions in class the next class period so that you learn the information you will need to know.  We will also have in-class exercises that will allow us to examine difficult concepts and improve mastery of those concepts. 

You will also be issued the accompanying study guide, Strive For a 5 by Bell and Lepri.  This is a workbook that you will use in and out of class to help you study for course content as well as the AP Exam.

Other materials you will need for this course include:
  • A carbonless notebook, to be purchased from Mrs. Ferguson.  This will serve as your laboratory notebook,
    where data will be collected and presented for every lab we perform in class.  This notebook will be available for purchase in class at a cost of approximately $13.  You will need to bring this to class daily.  See the image below right for what this notebook will look like.  If you are unable to purchase this notebook, please see me and we will work something out so that you have the supplies you need.

  • A quad-ruled composition notebook, NOT A SPIRAL BOUND NOTEBOOK.  A quad-ruled notebook is a graph paper composition book.   This notebook will be your Biology Interactive Learning Log (BILL) that you will use on a daily basis.  You are to bring this to class by the second day of school, as we will use it from then on.  This notebook is to be brought to class daily, as we will use it nearly every class period.  Be advised that you may need to purchase an additional notebook during the year, depending on how much you write in it.  You may be able to purchase one from Mrs. Ferguson in class.  These notebooks are available at Staples.
  • A small binder designated for our class only, where you will store returned work such as quizzes, free response questions and practice exercises.  You will not need a large binder for this class.
  • Black/blue ink pens and pencils.  Work to be submitted for a grade will not be accepted written in any other ink colors.
  • Highlighters and other colored pens.  We will use these during in-class exercises, especially as we work in our BILLs.

Suggested Materials:  These are not required but may come in handy.

  • A flash drive to store work done in class.
  • A set of fine point markers to aid in color-coding your BILL.
  • A zipper pouch to keep your pens, and highlighters in.