Online Review and Practice

Use these online practice sheets to help you remember concepts from the chapters.  These are online practice review sheets from The College of DuPage's Biology 1151 course, which is like our AP Bio class.  These are correlated to a newer version of your textbook, so the information is pretty much the same.
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Chapter Link to Quiz
Chapter Link to Quiz
Chapter 7 Review Sheet A Tour of the Cell 
Chapter 8 Review Sheet Membrane Structure and Function 
Chapter 11 Review Sheet Cell Communication 
Chapter 12 Review Sheet The Cell Cycle 
Chapter 9 Review Sheet Cellular Respiration 
Chapter 10 Review Sheet Photosynthesis 
Chapter 13 Review Sheet Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles 
Chapter 14 Review Sheet Mendel and the Gene Idea 
Chapter 15 Review Sheet The Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance 
Chapter 16 Review Sheet The Molecular Basis for Inheritance 
Chapter 17 Review Sheet From Gene to Protein 
Chapter 19 Review Sheet (for us, this is chapter 18) Viruses 
Chapter 18 Review Sheet (for us, this is material from Chapters 18 and 19) Regulation of Gene Expression 
Chapter 20 Review Sheet Biotechnology 
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