Letters of Recommendation

It's that time of year again, and time for students to ask for letters of recommendation for college admissions and scholarships.  I am happy to write you a letter, with the following conditions:
  • You have been a student in my class for at least 9 weeks.  This gives me a chance to get to know you before writing on your behalf.
  • You provide me with a resume that tells me about you outside of school.  This is important because it provides me with insight about the things you do outside of school I might not otherwise get from talking with you in class.
  • You provide me with a list of 10 adjectives that you feel describe you.  I use these to help me guide my writing.
  • You provide me with a statement that tells me what you plan on doing after high school/college.  This gives me a sense of the direction you'd like your life to go once you leave AHS.
  • You ask for your letter at least 2 weeks in advance of the deadline you need it for.  Do not ask the day before and expect me to write a glowing recommendation.
  • Use Naviance whenever possible.  Online recommendations are much easier and convenient (and cheap!  no stamps!).  Here is the link you need to follow to get to Naviance:  Naviance at AHS.
  • Any forms or online forms I need to fill in should be brought in or emailed to me.  Make sure you have signed any forms that require your signature. 
  • If something must be mailed, bring an envelope and stamps.  I will not provide you with stamps or stationery.
  • Finally, give me a deadline.  I will NOT write a letter of recommendation without a deadline attached to it.  Trust me when I tell you this is more for your benefit than it is for mine--without a deadline, I will not make your letter a priority to get done.