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AP Biology


Find curriculum resources here to include as a part of your course

Here you will find various resources appropriate for teaching AP Biology.  Feel free to use what you find here.  You may NOT use these resources for personal profit (such as TpT).  Should you choose to modify the resources you find, please be sure proper attribution is given.  Please note:  I do not provide answer keys for activities, because I do not make them.  


You may make copies of the Google Documents shared here by simply choosing "Make a Copy" from the "File" menu.  I do not allow editorial access to the documents as they are posted.  Do NOT request permission for editorial access to the folders found here.  Any requests for editorial access to my Google Drive will be ignored. 


Should you edit these resources for your own use, please properly cite your resources.  Thank you.

If your students are doing lab work from home, here are some labs that can be easily conducted in a home environment with inexpensive materials.  Science doesn't have to cost a lot of money, or be super fancy!  What makes it AP-level is the analysis you have students complete once data collection is complete.

I have created concept map terms for each unit in AP Biology that I hope to use this year in an attempt to help students uncover connections between units as we go through the year.  The terms are taken from the unit plans found in the CED.  Please read the "Read Me" file before using the templates.

This section contains resources to help your students develop critical reading and writing skills.

In this section you will find resources that can be used in conjunction with your lab program.

Here you will find authentic data sets generated by my students for many different labs.  You are welcome to use these with your own students as practice for data analysis or as a supplement to labs you do.

Includes resources you can use to teach natural selection, phylogeny, cladograms, and population genetics.

Includes resources you can use to teach origins of life, biochemistry, and enzymes.

Includes resources you can use to teach cell structure, membrane structure and function, cell communication and mitosis.

Includes resources you can use to teach cellular respiration and photosynthesis.

Includes resources you can use to teach Mendel, meiosis, transcription, translation, gene regulation and biotechnology.

Includes resources you can use to teach population ecology and community ecology.

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