Why AP Biology?

When choosing a fourth year science course, students at Allen High School have a wide variety of courses to choose from.  Over 100 students each year elect to take AP Biology.  Here are some reasons why students elect to take this course:

  • They plan to enroll in pre-medical, pre-dental or pre-veterinary studies at the college level.
  • They enjoyed their Biology I course.
  • They wanted to learn more about Biology.

Regardless of whatever reason you have chosen to take this course, your choice is a good one.  You will not only learn upper level biology in an environment that allows you to question, to analyze problems and to design ways to solve them, but you will learn study skills, time management tips and organizational skills that will serve you well after you leave my classroom.

My former students have gone on to achieve great success in their university level biology courses because of the foundation they received in my class. A large number of my former students go on to study biology or some biology-related field, and they have said that AP Biology was one of the classes that helped them decide what they wanted to major in when they went to college. Many of my former students are biology degree holders now, and a large percentage of them have pursued advanced degrees in biology either in graduate, medical, dental or veterinary school.

Former students who have not pursued a biology degree have also benefited from taking AP Biology. Whether you want to or not, universities require at least one year of science courses, regardless of your degree path. If you choose not to major in a science, taking AP Biology and then taking the AP Exam is one of the best things you can do, as you can earn college credit for those science classes you will eventually have to take anyway. Why not get it done in high school?

Regardless which path you choose, you have made a wise decision to take this course. You will not only learn a great deal of biology, but you will learn critical thinking and analysis skills that will benefit you long after you have left my classroom.